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Submitted on 20/07/2012

What is acne?

An inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands, acne is characterised by the appearance of comedones and red or white pimples on the chest, back and especially the face. Hormonal disturbances are the cause of this disorder that affects most teenagers, but also many adult women.

Teenage acne

Acne is a very common skin complaint in adolescence, which affects both boys and girls. Although generally benign in medical terms, its unsightly character often makes it difficult to live with.

Adult acne

Well after adolescence, many adults still regularly see pimples and blackheads appear on their face. Different from juvenile acne in its causes and manifestations, adult acne requires a specific treatment.

Acne: myths and realities

Acne is very common skin complaint which affects 85% of the population during the course of their life and gives rise to many beliefs, more or less based on scientific evidence. Following is an overview of common beliefs to sort out fact from fiction.

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