Protecting my skin

Every day your skin is subjected to harsh conditions that can disrupt its balance, from pollution to stress, sunlight, cold and dry air. Let us show you how to protect it from everyday hazards as best as possible.

Submitted on 20/07/2012

The right actions for dealing with acne

To get rid of pimples and blackheads, there is no substitute for a dermatological treatment backed-up with suitable dermo-cosmetic skin care products. However, a few simple rules can limit the spread of blemishes: adopt these good habits for a fast return to clear skin!

The right actions for dealing with brown spots

Generally located on the face, décolleté area, arms and hands, brown spots (or lentigos) tend to proliferate with age and after the summer holidays: the sun and ageing are indeed the two major sources. To avoid seeing them multiply over time, adopt good habits as soon as possible!

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