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« Why should you have to choose between dermatological efficacy and naturalness? By creating Noviderm, we wanted to offer you products that are as effective as they are natural, that reconcile the health and care of your skin with a concern for mankind and the environment. »

Jean-Paul Berthomé
President of Laboratoires Expanscience

Submitted on 15/10/2018

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The story of Noviderm is that of a passion: the passion of our teams of botanists, phytochemists, biologists, pharmacists and dermatologists for scientific innovation and the infinite generosity of the plant world.

It all began more than 15 years ago in the laboratories of Laboratoires Expanscience, when we decided to pool our various fields of expertise and our enthusiasm to provide new dermo-cosmetic solutions to problem skin, such as acne prone skin and hyperpigmented skin. In order to obtain formulas with optimum efficacy and tolerance we knew that we would have to target not only the manifestations, but also the causes of these skin conditions.

Team Research and Development Laboratoires Expanscience
In this quest for comprehensive solutions to skin problems, nature has always been our best ally. It does indeed have precious resources for correcting skin problems: from our very first steps we prioritised drawing powerful active ingredients from the plant world, which then entered into the composition of our products. To achieve this, we benefit from the unique expertise of Laboratoires Expanscience, the fruit of more than 60 years of experience in the physiology of the skin, mastery of the vegetal world and sustainable development.

Thus, over the years, we have never ceased to seek innovative solutions in order to offer you safer, more effective and more pleasant to use skin care products, based on the very latest scientific advancements with regard to dermatology and vegetal extraction.

We have gradually gained the recognition and trust, not only of our users, but also of healthcare professionals who regularly prescribe Noviderm products.

And because in our eyes, the beauty and care of your skin should not be gained at the expense of the world around us, respect for mankind and the planet are central to our approach. In all our actions and at each stage of the life of our products, we strive to minimise our environmental impact and build equitable relationships with our partners as well as with you.

Noviderm, for responsible dermatology.

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