Our philosophy

We believe in a new kind of dermatology: the kind which draws its effectiveness from the resources of nature without compromising safety and pleasure of use and by putting respect for mankind and the environment at the centre of its concerns.

Driven by this vision, we have set ourselves the mission to offer you effective, safe and pleasant to use solutions to care for problem skin. Solutions mainly drawn from nature and designed in a more respectful way. This ethical and scientific initiative is based on strong values to which we are deeply attached:

Submitted on 27/07/2012


The search for optimum efficiency is our top priority when developing a new formula.

To help you regain healthy skin, we have adopted a comprehensive approach to skin disorders: our products target not only the manifestations of the disorders but also the causes. And because problem skin is damaged skin, our products also endeavour to restore the integrity of the epidermis so it regains its strength and balance. Treated in all its dimensions, problem skin visibly improves.
The remarkable effectiveness of our products has been confirmed by numerous tests under dermatological supervision, the results of which you will find on each product description on this site as well as on our packaging.

Progress and humility

While we are proud of our achievements and the skin care products we offer today, we know that we still have a very long way to go. Discovering new plants, developing new active ingredients, creating ever more innovative formulas or processes that are friendlier to mankind and the environment ... Our research teams are working every day with a passion to make our products even better for your skin and the planet.


Taking care of your skin and its specificities by offering ever more effective, more natural and perfectly tolerated formulas: this, for us, is the first meaning of the word respect. To this we add a deep respect for nature and its generosity, which has supplied us with our best discoveries: from our raw materials to our finished products, we strive to minimise our environmental impact and establish equitable relationships with our partners as well as our users. In the future, we pledge to always give more scope to this responsible approach.


We have nothing to hide and we want our users to choose our products based on a fully informed decision. So we communicate in an honest way about our choice of ingredients, the development of our products, our deliberate choices and our actions: you will find all useful information on this site and on the packaging of our products.

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