Our commitments

In our view, respect for your skin is inseparable from respect for mankind and the environment.

To provide you with products that harmoniously combine efficacy and naturalness, pleasure of use and protection of the planet, we have made a commitment to four key principles that inspire our approach and guide our actions on a daily basis:

Submitted on 27/07/2012
  • For efficacy drawn directly from nature

    Nature is extraordinarily generous and full of amazing resources for the care of your skin. The richness of the plant world has always been our passion and we are committed to systematically favouring active ingredients from nature, while guaranteeing you optimum efficacy and tolerance.

    Hence, every Noviderm product contains:
    • Safe and powerful dermatological active ingredients extracted from plants selected across the globe by our botanists: sunflower, maca, etc.
    • A minimum of 80% of natural ingredients, and up to 96% for some of our products.
    • A unifying active ingredient: quinoa Peptides: at the heart of all our formulas, this exclusive active ingredient with exceptional dermatological properties has a central action on the main phenomena involved in skin disorders. It is natural extract from the seed of the quinoa, a plant grown for centuries in the Andean highlands and of which our research teams have demonstrated the power.

    We use synthetic active ingredients produced with environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes if, and only if, the efficacy or tolerance of the natural active ingredient cannot be guaranteed.
  • For a purer kind of efficacy

    Guaranteeing you the safest possible ingredients for your skin, but also for nature, is one of our absolute priorities. So we have discarded a great number of questionable substances from our formulas as well as any substances that have a negative impact on the environment. All our product formulas are:
    • paraben-free
    • phenoxyethanol-free
    • silicone-free
    • free from essential oils
    • and also free from triclosan, chlorphenesin, chlorhexidine, phthalates, EDTA, extracts from genetically modified plants, nitro musk, etc.We use synthetic active ingredients produced with environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes if, and only if, the efficacy or tolerance of the natural active ingredient cannot be guaranteed.
  • For efficacy that better respects nature

    For us, scientific innovation can have no future without taking into account the preservation of the planet. Also, we place respect at the heart of our approach: respect of the skin, respect for nature, respect for the men and women we work with and, of course, respect for our users.

    We have given very careful thought to each stage of the life of our products so as to minimise our environmental impact and establish equitable relationships with our partners, whether they live in France or on the other side of the world. For example, we focus on ethical and responsible supply channels (e.g. for quinoa), we remove unnecessary packaging, we use cardboard from sustainably managed forests and we develop communication tools with recycled materials. And all of this is just the beginning… In the future, we pledge to go even further in our commitment to mankind and the environment.

    And because respect also involves sincerity, we inform you in all transparency on our choices, our approach and the composition of our skin care products. In addition to our products, we offer you our support by informing you about sorting procedures on all of our packaging and giving you numerous tips on this site to help you to understand your skin better and take care of it.
  • For proven efficacy

    The effectiveness of your skin care products is your first requirement: it is ours too.

    Based on the latest scientific advances in dermatology, Noviderm skin care products target both the manifestations and the causes of skin disorders for a comprehensive action. Before they are offered to you, their efficacy and high tolerance are very rigorously assessed with a great number of tests and clinical studies carried out with the help of internationally renowned dermatologists. You will find the results of these tests on the packaging of all our products and on each product description sheet on this site.

    Noviderm, for responsible dermatology

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