Eco-friendly packaging

The packaging of our products has been fully integrated into our initiative and we have designed it with the same rigour and the same requirements as our formulas. It has thus been designed to ensure perfect protection of our skin care products, but also to minimise their environmental impact and provide you with renewed pleasure every time you use them.

Submitted on 20/07/2012


For the security of your skin care products:

  • Our most sensitive formulas are packaged in airless pump tubes: this technology prevents a return of air into the bottle during use for optimal conservation of the product with no added preservatives.
  • Our other formulas are available in tubes or bottles with a reduced size opening to protect your product as much possible from potential contamination by the air.
  • A plastic sleeve or cover guarantees that our products are tamper-proof right up to when they are used for the 1st time.

For the protection of the environment:

  • Our tubes, bottles and labels are partly made from recycled plastic.
  • The cardboard used for our boxes is from sustainably managed forests.
  • We remove all unnecessary outer packaging (boxes of certain products, cardboard dividers, etc.) and we reduce the empty space in our boxes as much as possible.
  • We limit the amount of paper used in our packaging by retiring paper leaflets in favour of boxes printed on front and back or referrals to this site.
  • All our cardboard packaging is printed with vegetable oil-based inks.
  • We limit the use of colouring by favouring transparent packaging (caps of our tubes, bottles).
  • We apply the recommendations of recycling professionals as much as possible to avoid creating packaging that could disrupt the recycling channels.

For your comfort and pleasure of use:

  • Our tubes are very soft thanks to the use of a matt satin varnish.
  • Our boxes are printed on the front for a more sensual naturally rough feel.
  • Our convenient pump-dispenser bottles deliver just the right dose of product for each use.
  • For complete information for all our users each box includes the product name in Braille, the full composition explained, and a QR code to flash for direct access to more detailed information on the product.

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