Cleaning your skin: an everyday beauty reflex

Cleaning your face is an essential beauty ritual and the first step to a radiant complexion. Discover the right reflexes you need to have to ensure perfect cleansing according to your skin type!

Submitted on 12/12/2014
 All day long the skin of your face is in contact with make-up, dust, pollution and so on. These impurities accumulate on the surface and clog the pores. Every night, thorough cleaning is essential to enable your skin to regain its cleanliness and balance, even if you do not wear make-up. It is recommended to repeat this reflex every morning, this time to eliminate the sweat, sebum and dead cells produced during the night. To avoid irritation, be sure to choose mild products tailored to your skin type, and follow cleansing with a good moisturiser.

Normal skin: pamper yourself!

For you, all is permitted! To transform the chore of skin cleansing into a real moment of pleasure, use products that make you feel really pampered: cleansing lotions, dermatological cleansing bars, cleansing water, foaming gels ... you are spoilt for choice. However, opt for non-comedogenic formulas, otherwise beware of little blemishes. Once or twice a week, take the time to do a facial scrub to rid skin of dead cells and stimulate cell renewal, possibly followed by a moisturising mask to nourish your skin in-depth: peachy-smooth complexion guaranteed!

Dry or sensitive skin: go for mildness

Cleaning dry or sensitive skin needs to be particularly gentle: it may not tolerate being rinsed in water which is often hard and the hydrolipidic film which affords it protection must be preserved at all costs. It is better to opt for a special no rinse cleanser that you apply with a cotton pad and is both cleansing and moisturising at the same time. So remember to choose cleansing lotions or, better still, micellar cleansing water: it brings you the freshness of water combined with the effective cleansing and nourishment of oil via the fine oil particles (the "micelles") contained in it. However, avoid scrubs that are too aggressive for your skin and favour fragrance-free and preservative-free products for better tolerance.

Oily or blemished skin: aiming for purity

To fully eliminate excess sebum secreted by your skin, avoid oily cleansing products (lotions, oils) and favour a rinsable cleansing product that will give you an intense feeling of purity and freshness. Some, such as Boréade Cleansing Cream by Noviderm, will also help you to treat minor skin problems as well. You can complete cleansing with a very gentle twice weekly scrub which will help unclog your pores. Be careful not to choose products that are too harsh: by stripping your skin too much of oil you risk aggravating your skin problems.

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