Acneic skin: beware of stress!

If the proliferation of acne tends to make those who suffer from it feel depressed, the opposite also seems to be true: scientists now agree that stress can have an aggravating effect on acne. To help make your skin clear again, try relaxing!

Submitted on 27/07/2012
Now well known, the negative effects of stress on the body are numerous and sometimes serious in the long-term: insomnia, tiredness, digestive or cardiovascular disorders and various psychosomatic manifestations. The worsening of acne can be added to this list in people who suffer from it: a few days after severe stress, it is indeed not uncommon to see a multitude of new blemishes appear. This correlation has now been established by scientific studies conducted primarily among students during their exams.

Stress has a triple effect on the skin. Firstly by boosting the secretion of adrenaline, it disturbs the hormonal balance and leads to an overproduction of sebum. Secondly, it causes what is known as a neurogenic inflammation of the skin. These two phenomena are responsible for acne breakouts. Lastly, it impairs the effectiveness of the immune system, which prolongs the healing time of each acne lesion. Result: pimples are more numerous, more inflamed and last longer!

Hence, by limiting the stress in your life, you have a good chance of seeing the condition of your skin improve. And you will gain many other benefits, both physically and psychologically! While it is not always easy to control external sources of stress, a balanced lifestyle will help you to tolerate it better: getting enough sleep, avoiding alcohol and stimulants and, most of all, getting regular physical exercise will improve how you manage your stress. If, in spite of this, you are still unable to find peace of mind, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about it.

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