Healthy living for beautiful skin

To preserve the radiance of your skin and delay the effects of time, nothing beats a healthy lifestyle free from excesses! Indeed, beyond your daily skin care routine and choice of your cosmetics, your lifestyle is a key factor for the beauty of your skin.

Submitted on 27/07/2012


Sun: consume with moderation

What better than sunshine to get you in a good mood? Good for morale, the sun is the ally of your health: it allows the body to secrete vitamin D which is essential, in particular, for strong bones. However, if you expose yourself without adequate protection, it can also be very harmful to your skin. Indeed, its rays cause the synthesis of free radicals that oxidise healthy cells and accelerate ageing. The result is early wrinkling, sagging skin, brown spots and even skin cancer. To enjoy the sun without putting yourself in danger, make a habit of avoiding exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours (between 12 noon and 4 pm) and always use sun protection based on your skin type and the season.

Smoking and alcohol: beware of a grey complexion !

Premature wrinkles, greyish complexion and dry skin: these are the consequences for the skin of a regular consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking. These substances are effectively at the source of an over-production of destructive compounds, the notorious free radicals. So say goodbye to those two bad habits: you will soon find you are in a better overall health, but also that your complexion is more radiant.

Beauty diet for lovely-looking skin

Diet plays an important role on the quality of the skin: a balanced and varied diet can supply it with all the nutrients it needs. Favour fruit and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, oily fish rich in Omega 3 and food bursting with antioxidants such as red fruits, tomatoes, nuts, flaxseed, etc. Remember to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day (water, herbal teas or green tea) to hydrate your skin in-depth and maintain its elasticity.

Peachy-soft skin when you wake-up

The effects of sleep on the skin are obvious: after a good night's sleep, your complexion is smooth and bright, while a sleepless night makes your features look hollow and accentuates dark circles. In the long-term lack of sleep has a devastating effect on the skin because it interferes with cell regeneration that is active during the night. To keep a young and fresh-looking skin for longer, allow yourself at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night

The benefits of sport

No one doubts the virtues of physical exercise for the body, but did you know that it also promotes beautiful skin? Practising a sport increases tissue oxygenation, which stimulates collagen production by the dermis, thus contributing to a toned skin. In addition, the exertion also improves microcirculation and helps eliminate toxins for a guaranteed healthy glow!

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