Make-up for skin with acne

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to wear make-up when you suffer from acne, provided you choose the right products. When well chosen and used properly, make-up can become a great ally in camouflaging your blemishes!

Submitted on 10/10/2012


Wearing make-up without increasing the number of pimples

First golden rule for acne-prone skin: select only non-comedogenic and non-oily (oil free) cosmetics such as those found in pharmacies. These cosmetics allow the skin to breathe, will not clog pores and do not promote the appearance of new blemishes. For added safety, some are even specifically designed for acne-prone skin. So be careful when you shop for beauty products and do not be tempted by attractive but unsuitable products.

Second rule: ensure a strict cleansing routine. Every evening, cleanse thoroughly until you have removed all traces of make-up, then wash your face with a suitable product such as Boréade Cleansing Cream by Noviderm. Afterwards apply a moisturiser that also treats blemishes (e.g. Boréade Complete Anti-Blemish Skincare) which will act overnight. In the morning, before applying your make-up, cleanse again to remove excess sebum accumulated during the night and moisturise your face, if possible, with a product such as Boréade Shine-Reducing Skincare: clean, soft and silky, your skin will now be ready for make-up.

"Camouflage tricks" for skin with acne

When it comes to make-up, the big challenge of skin with acne is to get a smooth, even look. To achieve this, first camouflage your blemishes with a green concealer stick which effectively conceals red patches. Then take a small amount of concealer on your (perfectly clean) fingertips and apply it by gently patting it onto each blemish. If you also have dark circles, reduce them with a yellow or beige concealer, more suited to purplish areas.

Then apply a fluid foundation with your fingertips which matches the exact colour of your skin tone, but remember to be light handed to avoid a mask effect. Avoid compact foundations that you apply with a sponge: bacteria build up on it and this could contaminate your skin. To finish off, you can set your make-up and matify your skin with a mineral powder applied lightly with a big brush that you clean regularly with soap and water

For your eyes and mouth, avoid aggressive and intense colours (purple, green, blue, deep pink, etc.) that will only emphasize the redness of the pimples. Favour instead soft colours (brown, khaki or taupe for eyes, beige or soft pink for lips) to achieve a light and natural make-up result. Swap oily textures and shiny or glossy effects in favour of matt powder eye shadow for your eyes and lipstick with a matt or satin finish which is much more flattering for oily skin.

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